The Power to Manipulate

When officials from the CWB, Revenue Canada, Agri-food, Department of Justice, and other departments speak, the general public assumes that the information is factual and accurate.  

We imagine these civil servants (employees of the people) as though they are supermen, privileged, gifted, possessing an extra high I.Q.   Is this actually true?  Only if the people believe that what the servant is preaching may be truthful.  The mind prefers to believe what it hears rather than to form an opinion of its own.

The word “official” alone steers one’s mind in the direction of superhuman, powerful, talented in the manner of possessing information beyond the capacities of the general public. For example, upon entering a proposed “court of law” you see that the “Officials” are dressed in garments not readily available to the general public. Once you observe the stage the Officials are identified.  This form of intimidation applies to all official positions.  

For example, if I, Andy McMechan had been allowed by the officials to wear a tuxedo while in jail and in the court  room, and the judge, crown prosecutors, and sheriffs were identified in those striped pajamas, would the general public have considered me to be more credible.  If the farmers had worn their suits while demonstrating at Customs ports of entry with the officials wearing jeans and shirts, who would intimidate whom? 

In referring to documents gained under the Access to Information and posted on the website Farmers for Justice (Potential Grain Demonstrations):

Andy McMechan, the Manitoba farmer who recently spent five months in jail for breach of bail conditions related to offences under the Customs Act for exporting grain without a Canadian Wheat Board permit.

The truth is, that I have never been charged for exporting grain without a Canadian Wheat Board permit—only for “failing to provide a Canadian Wheat Board license to Customs” an alleged offence under the Customs Act.

The “offences” referred to by Revenue Canada (now called Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) are (quotes from CCRA):

  • No longer valid

  • Were added as an afterthought

  • Have never been gazetted or specified

Although an offence for exporting without a CWB permit would fall under the CWB Act, Cathy Pitfield and Margaret Redmond of the CWB stated,

It is the CWB's expectation that other government departments would act to enforce the law.

Why?  Is it possible that the CWB Act is unconstitutional?  There is also reference to Ralph Goodale expecting Revenue Canada officials to continue to take the appropriate actions to enforce these regulations. What regulations?  

Over 100 farmers, only in Western Canada, have been convicted of these alleged offences.  Also that Canada Customs and Justice Canada (Clyde Bond and Chris Mainella) should work together on this issue and develop some strategy.  These documents will be posted on the web under Access to Information in the near future.

As you see beginning on page 2 of “Potential Grain Demonstrations” there was significant media coverage.

Customs Role has been characterized as enforcing the applicable legislation.  Again, Customs was only mentioned briefly in terms of the Department’s Enforcement role.  The Department’s role has been shown as enforcing the applicable legislation. It should again be noted that in past demonstrations and past media coverage, the role of the department has been portrayed as enforcing the applicable legislation.  Therefore, we are not intending to do anything to elevate the role of the department in this dispute in the eyes of the farmers or the public in general.

Officials go on to prepare the following proposed responses for the media.  Without an offence or the applicable legislation officials resorted to manipulation.  Officials had now successfully manipulated the media, the farmers and the public in general.  The media has since moved on to other “Boondoggles.”

Accused farmers have been ordered by the courts to comply with the requests of officials.

Are you willing as a taxpayer to continue to allow officials to use your wealth in this manner?

The rights and freedoms of people will be recognized and upheld by those who form an opinion on their own, based on factual truth, rather than the manipulative manner of officials.

Otherwise, you too may end up in jail.  Just like myself.

Andrew M. McMechan